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No longer the preserve of larger companies, smaller enterprises can now take advantage and use video as a marketing tool. What better way of enhancing your web site or showcasing your products than with good quality visual content.


The big multi-nationals were the first to acknowledge the great marketing potential of video in the 1980s. Now, the potential is as great as ever but can be achieved at a fraction of the cost.




Communication is crucial in business, whether it’s internal or with your clients. DBI offer well thought out and well executed video presentations that engage and inform.


With the advent of DVD, Youtube and website video, access to content is no longer an issue and is increasingly be being used by organisations to deliver their message.

Our latest project with Derbyshire County Council has proved this and we’ve received a Glowing Endorsement from them.

The introduction of IT in learning establishments has not only changed teaching methods, but has also opened up new ways of communication. Students, teachers and lecturers can now be reached via video networking on websites and social media sites.

DBI are helping Schools, Colleges and Universities convey their message in a personal, interesting and cost effective way.